My thoughts on Islam, terrorism and ‘racists’…

Why aren’t followers of the Islamic faith not considered to be ‘racist’? It’s certainly a sad state of affairs when a group of people fights vehemently for their basic human right to worship their deity of choice, but then blatantly ignores that right by clearly stating,
I will kill you if you do not let me choose My God, and I will also kill you if you choose any other God except the one I worship!
Now if that’s not ‘racist’, then I haven’t got a clue what is!

The very ‘God’ that Muslims worship is essentially, by their own prophet’s teachings, the same one revered by Christians the world over. After an alleged private conversation with the deity known as ‘God’ – mind you, a conversation which was witnessed by no other person – a man who had no friends to speak of decided he wanted to rule the world on his own. He then somehow convinced an army of God-fearing simpletons that the deity he was chatting to had changed his name to ‘Allah’, that He was angry with the Christians, and that the followers of this all-new unheard of version of God would one day be the rulers of the world! Also remember, this went on over 1400 years ago, so it’s got me fucked how those theories can possibly be relevant in today’s modern world. Don’t worry, the same can also be said for Christians, who continue to show ‘faith’ in scriptures written over 2000 years ago. Oh hang on, that’s right! Real Muslims and Christians supposedly don’t care for those things!
Books written by observers present at the time Muhammad was spreading his message speak volumes about what kind of person he was before he kicked off his quest for world domination, but what’s worse is how followers of both religions still believe the teachings thought up by prophets that were running around a world far different from that we live in now. This makes me ask,
Is religion still relevant today?

While I’m posing questions, here’s one for the Muslims reading this:
Why are you allowed to choose Allah as your God, yet I, a human being made of skin and bone just the same as you, are NOT allowed to choose who I would like to worship?

Australia may be a peace-loving country, but we non-Muslims here had better wake up and fight for OUR freedom to choose who and what to believe in, instead of following the ‘tolerance and acceptance’ bullshit coming from our civic leaders. If you are a non-Muslim who knows a follower of the Islamic faith, ask them why they’re happy to have their right to choose their religion while the rest of us are victimised for following something else. Either that, or we sit idly by and allow these muppets to force us into a world of
‘Freedom of choice for all, as long as you choose Islam’…

With Thanks to Hairy…


Another rant about NBNCo and Australia’s broadband fiasco…

The Australian voting public seriously need to wake up to themselves and realise the Liberal National Coalition (LNP) has failed this country for the best part of 20 years! The Howard Administration is directly to blame for the monumental cock-up that is NBNCo., and now Abbott and Turnbull have continued along that same ridiculous line of thinking. Whilst the rest of the world was upgrading their telecommunications infrastructure by allowing a competitive marketplace, the Liberal Government essentially sat back and took the money from a single entity; one that grew to demand nothing more than monopoly control over the Australian telecoms landscape.

During the Howard Years, legislation was put in place which created a political and legal minefield for any company wishing to install its own new infrastructure and become a direct competitor to Telstra’s rapidly deteriorating copper network. Telco’s from around the world couldn’t be bothered with negotiating their way through the amount of red tape and political infighting necessary to get their cables in the ground. Unfortunately, that’s left this country with a junkyard full of wires and boxes that are far behind the rest of the world in terms of serviceability, efficiency and most importantly performance.

Just think, if only the man many consider to be the best Prime Minister Australia’s ever had got off his backside and let a competitor build a full 100% fibre-to-the-premises network alongside Telstra’s copper (just like Google Fiber did in the US and companies like them in other countries) we would now have a very similar level of ‘superfast broadband’ communications that our trading partners have, with these added bonuses:
(a) back then, it wouldn’t have cost anywhere near as much as it does today to build a full 100% FTTP network,
(b) due to the presence of someone to take away their customers, Telstra then would have upgraded their own network to fibre so as to remain in business, meaning operating and upgrade costs would now be lower,
(c) pricing to consumers in today’s money would also be lower than current costs of NBN services, and
(d) most importantly, we wouldn’t have to put up with Turnbull’s crappy multi-technology mix!

The corporate muppets running Australia’s communications landscape should be blasted off into the nether, where poor quality services have been the order of the day for far too long. We want Australia to have the fastest and best communications network in the world, with a much fairer pricing structure, but the last 25 years of stagnation by the Federal government and the price-gouging assholes at Telstra have proven they’re not to be trusted with such an important piece of kit as the NBN.

What I still don’t understand is why did NBNCo – a company originally formed to build a fibre network throughout the country – need to buy Telstra’s old copper network in the first instance? Common sense tells us that the existing copper should have been left to rot where it was, and all new fibre be installed alongside it by NBNCo. They should have used every cent at their disposal to install FTTP as a priority. IT experts from both across the country and the world have all agreed that FTTN is a poor substitute, so why has Turnbull continued to ignore those experts, and the Australian public, who are demanding FTTP be the only network installed?

Telstra are a privately owned company, and our responsibility to them as taxpayers should have ended once the Government sold off its remaining shares. We owe them nothing! Their place in the scheme of the NBN – as a privately owned telco – should only ever be as a provider of communications services on that publicly owned fibre grid, and nothing more. If they want their copper back, let them pay for its removal, instead of the taxpayer handing them a seven year multi-million dollar contract to replace the junk we’ve already paid $11 billion to own! Forking out that kind of cash, then a few million more spent on a parliamentary inquiry into why the money was spent, has wasted funds which are better spent on rolling out fibre to every home and business. The whole thing reeks of corruption and ‘jobs for the boys’!

Lastly, once the fibre is in, thereby making Telstra’s copper ‘old-hat’, NBNCo (read: Australian taxpayer) should in no way be fiscally responsible for that obsolescence. It’s exactly like owning a tiger moth and expecting Airbus to pay you ten times its value when they start building an A380…

With Thanks to Hairy…

Censorship, and its place in the world…

After setting up this ‘web-log’ today, I’ve been thinking about whether or not to include profanity in my posts, and have come to this conclusion…
“Why the fuck NOT!”
Expletive language is more so than ever before part of the world’s culture, and because of that I will not be censoring either my posts, or any responses they get, unless such language is totally uncalled for. I do however draw the line at the word ‘cunt’. Using that word in print is going beyond the acceptable, as far as I’m concerned, so if you are reading this before looking at any of my other rants and your response includes that word, I will take down your post as soon as I become aware of it. Thing is, I’ve always hated censorship, simply because as a free citizen of the world I should be able to choose what I see and hear, and with the majority of world nations having the right to free speech, who’s the fucken asshole that wants to stop me from making a choice about the content of stuff created by some twisted prick in their barn or bedroom or backyard? As long as they own the place, game on! Stuff like road accidents etc. don’t count, because if you’re that fucken stupid to get yourself killed in a road accident (like you see so much of throughout Asia and eastern Europe) then what right have you got to stop me from seeing your head splattered all over the pavement?

If everyone that’s in video-whatever are willing participants, I’m extremely tolerant of 95% of the shit that’s out there. I also believe wholeheartedly in the words of Australian talkback radio host and media personality John Laws, who often says on his program,
I may not agree with your comments, but will defend to the death your right to say them!
On the other hand, there’s one group I just have no fucken time for at all – bullshit artists. There’s not much more that I hate than some fucktard who jumps on a Facebook page and posts comment which is nothing else but utter rubbish, so if you’re planning on making comment about what I’ve written, get your facts straight first.

Now there’s one of what I consider to be the best words of modern times: “fucktard”. With no disrespect to those suffering from mental and/or physical disabilities, I believe it means a person who is a fuckwit and is mentally retarded all at once. You may think it means something different, so add your thoughts in the Comments section below…

I’ve always thoroughly researched everything before I publish what is quintessentially MY opinion and mine alone, and have no intention of stopping that practise now. Thing is, if you can’t do the same then fuck off back under your rock. Of course I’m going to have those who disagree with my point of view, but without factual evidence to back themselves up I will simply crush such posts with a combination of common sense and pure unadulterated truth. Also, with there being a shitload of litigious muppets out there trying to draw as much blood out of every stone they uncover, I’m very aware that what I say can be used against me. It’s that very reason why I will endeavour to research the shit out of everything I want to publish before actually doing so.

Of course, I’m not here to bag out anyone who doesn’t deserve it, or spread false allegations and the like without offering details of how I’ve arrived at my opinion. If I keep up that end of the deal and those that reply to my threads here do the same, I’m confident you’ll enjoy the comments I share. Welcome, but if you don’t like it, you can just fuck right off!

With Thanks to Hairy…

My thoughts on The NBN and Australia’s media landscape

I’m sure as a seagull-fest on a bag of chips that the multimedia moguls are the reason behind Malcolm Turnbull’s decisions to limit the uptake of very fast broadband access. It’s no secret that guys like Murdoch are in the Liberal Party’s list of ‘best buddies’, which is why these blokes have been onto the Government to regulate the amount of people who can have the ability to download multimedia content at over 10 megabytes per second. Main thing to take note of from that? If more people get such ability to freely grab the content they want to see and hear – in difference to having to wait for Rupert and his greedy Foxtel mates to broadcast that content on either Pay or Free To Air TV – then those network execs are going to struggle when advertisers follow the consumers to where their products and services have more chance to be seen.

What these network bureaucrats better do, and damn fast, is wake up to the fact that we the Australian viewing public have had a gutfull of the reality television crap, having to pay a fortune for repeat after repeat in standard definition quality and having to wait the best part of a year (in some cases) to see new TV series and movies. Get this through your thick heads TV execs – the way a person views multimedia is rapidly changing, and the number of people who grab the latest episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’ (for example) either legally or illegally via the internet is going to increase whether you like it or not. Of course, the smart people online will continue to discover new ways to get around your ripoffs, but the advent of Netflix/Stan/Presto etc. heralds a new world of high quality programming presented with crisp clear video and great sound via a superfast broadband data connection. It’s exactly why the greedy Foxtel/Telstra scumbags keep pressuring the government into limiting the rollout of superfast broadband, as they know their stranglehold over the multimedia landscape in this country is slipping from their grasp..

All we want is what everyone else in the world has got, namely the fastest peer-to-peer data transfer speeds possible. That outcome will only eventuate once the country’s telecommunications network is made up of a combination of just two methodologies: fibre optic cabling to as many clients as possible, and ultra high bandwidth wireless connections to those regions where it’s cost prohibitive to run that fibre. As much as the initial outlay for FTTP has been found to be greater than to-node networks, installations in other countries have proven it is far more cost-effective in the long term than maintaining the last-mile-to-client infrastructure currently in place. What we’re getting from Turnbull and the LNP is ‘fraudband’, and a network that will result in Australia falling even lower than our current spot at 13th-fastest average internet connection speed in the world. They’ve been told plenty of times over the past three years by technology experts across the world that fibre-to-the-node networks are not the way of the future. It’s the very reason why Australia’s trading partners are moving forward and installing full fibre optic networks, because the limits inherent in how FTTN infrastructure actually works preclude any chance of ‘going faster’.

It’s jerks like Rupert and Malcolm that were responsible for the Dark Ages – or else we would’ve been having this discussion 50 years ago, after that 300 year ‘prevention of invention’ where scientific breakthroughs were classified as witchcraft and held back by religions. Ha, religion and greed, the root causes of more conflict between humans in recorded history than any and all other causes combined. So obvious that it’s nothing short of pure greed that’s responsible for this debate, and certainly once the corporate moguls get the dollar signs out of their eyes, a happier and more technically advanced world will be ours…

With Thanks to Hairy…

Journalist Wimps

Okay, so I’ve pretty much had my fill of both watching and hearing interviews with Australia’s political and business leaders. Why, you ask? Because I believe plain and simply today’s journalist has gone soft!

So often you’ll hear about the latest failing by someone in a position of political power – they’ve wasted taxpayer funds on personal frivolity, attempted to force radical legislative change though parliament or proven again they lack any level of common sense – and the next thing on our screens is the ‘doorstop interview’. Sadly, instead of getting into their face and demanding answers to tough questions, the reporter merely treats the sitting member with kid gloves. Yes, I know MP’s and company directors deserve a modicum of respect for reaching the dizzy heights of the titles they hold, but when blatant stupidity becomes their want, why are the journos so quick to interview them if all they intend to do is ask about the weather?

At the moment in Australian politics, we have a Prime Minister who clearly is not fit to lead any political party, let alone the bunch of raving imbeciles in the Liberal and National parties. Both Turnbull and the LNP caucus have lost touch with the community at large, treating us with contempt and ignorance whilst making ludicrous changes to legislation that affects hundreds of thousands of people. Why then do I get the impression we as citizens no longer have a voice against these people? It is clear to me our political reporters have lost the art of admonishment. We the people have ‘hired’ them to do the job they promised before they took office. All I’m asking for is an interviewer with enough guts to demand the truth, and if that’s not forthcoming then make a statement along the lines of,
“We the people put you in that position, we pay your wages, now tell us what’s going on or next time you want our support we in the media will make certain the community conveniently forgets about you, just like you’ve forgotten that wasting $20,000 of taxpayer/ratepayer money on a lobster salad is a bad look.”

Do yourself a favour and watch closely the next interview with Minister for Portfolio X, or Councillor/Mayor So-and-so. If you come away feeling like you’ve found out the honest truth regarding the issue(s) that involve Department of X at either state or federal level, or ‘Wherever’ local council, then feel free to shoot me down in flames. Until then, I will maintain my point of view, and unless today’s political reporter starts putting these jerks on the spot, I’ll continue to call them ‘wimps’.

With Thanks to Hairy…