Journalist Wimps

Okay, so I’ve pretty much had my fill of both watching and hearing interviews with Australia’s political and business leaders. Why, you ask? Because I believe plain and simply today’s journalist has gone soft!

So often you’ll hear about the latest failing by someone in a position of political power – they’ve wasted taxpayer funds on personal frivolity, attempted to force radical legislative change though parliament or proven again they lack any level of common sense – and the next thing on our screens is the ‘doorstop interview’. Sadly, instead of getting into their face and demanding answers to tough questions, the reporter merely treats the sitting member with kid gloves. Yes, I know MP’s and company directors deserve a modicum of respect for reaching the dizzy heights of the titles they hold, but when blatant stupidity becomes their want, why are the journos so quick to interview them if all they intend to do is ask about the weather?

At the moment in Australian politics, we have a Prime Minister who clearly is not fit to lead any political party, let alone the bunch of raving imbeciles in the Liberal and National parties. Both Turnbull and the LNP caucus have lost touch with the community at large, treating us with contempt and ignorance whilst making ludicrous changes to legislation that affects hundreds of thousands of people. Why then do I get the impression we as citizens no longer have a voice against these people? It is clear to me our political reporters have lost the art of admonishment. We the people have ‘hired’ them to do the job they promised before they took office. All I’m asking for is an interviewer with enough guts to demand the truth, and if that’s not forthcoming then make a statement along the lines of,
“We the people put you in that position, we pay your wages, now tell us what’s going on or next time you want our support we in the media will make certain the community conveniently forgets about you, just like you’ve forgotten that wasting $20,000 of taxpayer/ratepayer money on a lobster salad is a bad look.”

Do yourself a favour and watch closely the next interview with Minister for Portfolio X, or Councillor/Mayor So-and-so. If you come away feeling like you’ve found out the honest truth regarding the issue(s) that involve Department of X at either state or federal level, or ‘Wherever’ local council, then feel free to shoot me down in flames. Until then, I will maintain my point of view, and unless today’s political reporter starts putting these jerks on the spot, I’ll continue to call them ‘wimps’.

With Thanks to Hairy…



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