My thoughts on Islam, terrorism and ‘racists’…

Why aren’t followers of the Islamic faith not considered to be ‘racist’? It’s certainly a sad state of affairs when a group of people fights vehemently for their basic human right to worship their deity of choice, but then blatantly ignores that right by clearly stating,
I will kill you if you do not let me choose My God, and I will also kill you if you choose any other God except the one I worship!
Now if that’s not ‘racist’, then I haven’t got a clue what is!

The very ‘God’ that Muslims worship is essentially, by their own prophet’s teachings, the same one revered by Christians the world over. After an alleged private conversation with the deity known as ‘God’ – mind you, a conversation which was witnessed by no other person – a man who had no friends to speak of decided he wanted to rule the world on his own. He then somehow convinced an army of God-fearing simpletons that the deity he was chatting to had changed his name to ‘Allah’, that He was angry with the Christians, and that the followers of this all-new unheard of version of God would one day be the rulers of the world! Also remember, this went on over 1400 years ago, so it’s got me fucked how those theories can possibly be relevant in today’s modern world. Don’t worry, the same can also be said for Christians, who continue to show ‘faith’ in scriptures written over 2000 years ago. Oh hang on, that’s right! Real Muslims and Christians supposedly don’t care for those things!
Books written by observers present at the time Muhammad was spreading his message speak volumes about what kind of person he was before he kicked off his quest for world domination, but what’s worse is how followers of both religions still believe the teachings thought up by prophets that were running around a world far different from that we live in now. This makes me ask,
Is religion still relevant today?

While I’m posing questions, here’s one for the Muslims reading this:
Why are you allowed to choose Allah as your God, yet I, a human being made of skin and bone just the same as you, are NOT allowed to choose who I would like to worship?

Australia may be a peace-loving country, but we non-Muslims here had better wake up and fight for OUR freedom to choose who and what to believe in, instead of following the ‘tolerance and acceptance’ bullshit coming from our civic leaders. If you are a non-Muslim who knows a follower of the Islamic faith, ask them why they’re happy to have their right to choose their religion while the rest of us are victimised for following something else. Either that, or we sit idly by and allow these muppets to force us into a world of
‘Freedom of choice for all, as long as you choose Islam’…

With Thanks to Hairy…


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