My thoughts on The NBN and Australia’s media landscape

I’m sure as a seagull-fest on a bag of chips that the multimedia moguls are the reason behind Malcolm Turnbull’s decisions to limit the uptake of very fast broadband access. It’s no secret that guys like Murdoch are in the Liberal Party’s list of ‘best buddies’, which is why these blokes have been onto the Government to regulate the amount of people who can have the ability to download multimedia content at over 10 megabytes per second. Main thing to take note of from that? If more people get such ability to freely grab the content they want to see and hear – in difference to having to wait for Rupert and his greedy Foxtel mates to broadcast that content on either Pay or Free To Air TV – then those network execs are going to struggle when advertisers follow the consumers to where their products and services have more chance to be seen.

What these network bureaucrats better do, and damn fast, is wake up to the fact that we the Australian viewing public have had a gutfull of the reality television crap, having to pay a fortune for repeat after repeat in standard definition quality and having to wait the best part of a year (in some cases) to see new TV series and movies. Get this through your thick heads TV execs – the way a person views multimedia is rapidly changing, and the number of people who grab the latest episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’ (for example) either legally or illegally via the internet is going to increase whether you like it or not. Of course, the smart people online will continue to discover new ways to get around your ripoffs, but the advent of Netflix/Stan/Presto etc. heralds a new world of high quality programming presented with crisp clear video and great sound via a superfast broadband data connection. It’s exactly why the greedy Foxtel/Telstra scumbags keep pressuring the government into limiting the rollout of superfast broadband, as they know their stranglehold over the multimedia landscape in this country is slipping from their grasp..

All we want is what everyone else in the world has got, namely the fastest peer-to-peer data transfer speeds possible. That outcome will only eventuate once the country’s telecommunications network is made up of a combination of just two methodologies: fibre optic cabling to as many clients as possible, and ultra high bandwidth wireless connections to those regions where it’s cost prohibitive to run that fibre. As much as the initial outlay for FTTP has been found to be greater than to-node networks, installations in other countries have proven it is far more cost-effective in the long term than maintaining the last-mile-to-client infrastructure currently in place. What we’re getting from Turnbull and the LNP is ‘fraudband’, and a network that will result in Australia falling even lower than our current spot at 13th-fastest average internet connection speed in the world. They’ve been told plenty of times over the past three years by technology experts across the world that fibre-to-the-node networks are not the way of the future. It’s the very reason why Australia’s trading partners are moving forward and installing full fibre optic networks, because the limits inherent in how FTTN infrastructure actually works preclude any chance of ‘going faster’.

It’s jerks like Rupert and Malcolm that were responsible for the Dark Ages – or else we would’ve been having this discussion 50 years ago, after that 300 year ‘prevention of invention’ where scientific breakthroughs were classified as witchcraft and held back by religions. Ha, religion and greed, the root causes of more conflict between humans in recorded history than any and all other causes combined. So obvious that it’s nothing short of pure greed that’s responsible for this debate, and certainly once the corporate moguls get the dollar signs out of their eyes, a happier and more technically advanced world will be ours…

With Thanks to Hairy…


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