Is religion relevant anymore?

From the King James Bible, I quote Luke, Chaper 19 Verse 27
And the Lord said, ‘But those mine enemies, who would not that I should reign over them, bring them hither and slay them before me.’”
Now if The Bible is referred to as ‘The Word Of God’, that makes Luke’s quote of what Jesus himself told them a direct call-to-arms, telling Christians to go out and murder innocent people just because they don’t worship the Holy Father. Either that, or I guess I’ve wasted my 45½ years reading, writing and comprehending the English language. Thing is though, what the extremists are doing is taking that same philosophy, but lifted from the Quran, Chapter 4 Verse 89:
Take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah. But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them
Pretty much says the same thing as what the disciple Luke transcribed, especially when Muhammad himself told us ‘God’ changed his name to ‘Allah’, thus proving my point that Islamists and Christians worship the same God. With that, I hereby declare anyone who follows any kind of ‘religious group’ to be incapable of rational thought!
The questions you want to ask yourselves are,
Does fear of death determine my beliefs?,
Why (or why not)?
What if a bunch of ‘Swifties’ started bombing railway stations and airports across the world shouting “Swiftie-u akbar!“? I’m sure you wouldn’t fill your iPod with Taylor Swift tracks, buy front row seats to every one of her concerts, quote lyrics from her songs every day and spend every waking moment praying for her to perform miracles! Why then do you take notice of either Christians or Islamists, or any ‘religious person’ for that matter, who place on a pedestal an entity or deity that demands those who don’t believe in them be slaughtered?
Wake up to yourselves and understand this as truth: the so-called ‘religious extremists’ of our world are simply murderous, violent and dictatorial people using centuries-old unevidenced scriptures as their excuse to maim, torture and control those they feel are beneath them. This war isn’t about religion; instead it’s about our fundamental human right to live our lives in peace whilst having the freedom to choose who and what we want to believe in!


Samsung’s Grand Scale Failure

Guess what? It’s official, and (according to the report linked below) April 13 looks like the date 920/925I users will start getting versions of Marshmallow for our device rolled out to us.
May I just say it’s getting beyond a joke now. I mean, on the 3rd March Samsung released for the SM-G920/925 International a Lollipop ROM that was cooked on 27th January, while other variants (such as the F, the S, the K and the L) have already received Marshmallow ROMs cooked before that. France, for example, received on February 23rd a Marshmallow ROM for the 920/925F that had been cooked on 22nd January, while other variants have been receiving similar MM upgrades with gaps between build date and release date of up to four weeks. In the meantime, ASUS and Huawei have upgraded WATCHES – that’s right, a crappy little ‘wearable’ – to Marshmallow, while we S6 and S6 Edge International owners get told we have to wait ANOTHER MONTH before we get the Marshmallow goodness the lesser-grade variant of our $1000+ ‘flagship’ has had for almost three weeks! Remember, the ONLY difference between the F/K/L/S variants and the International is the LTE chip’s connectivity to certain cellular network bands. They all run the same internals beyond that, including the same filesystem and chipset.
Samsung have had the SDK of MM for the best part of a year, because I’m damn sure that as one of the top two mobile computing device OEMs in the world they’d know about it before many others. With that, my questions to all at Samsung:
(a) What the bloody hell have you been doing? and
(b) Why is a phone thats only differing feature is an ability to connect to a LTE band the others can’t, being handed a SIX WEEK DELAY to receive that same OS update?
Report about Marshmallow updates to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

More NBN ranting…

The Mal (Turnbull) and Mitch (Fifield) Show may well crap on with their glossy hype over it, but in all truth and honesty the National Broadband Network Project under the Liberal National Party’s control has been nothing short of a monumental fuck up, as public money continues to be wasted on complete and utter junk! With consistent poor quality connections and service disruptions of FTTN deployments throughout large parts of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie NSW – approximately 25,000 customers – and other parts of the country being the order of the day, I’m hoping voters in those regions remember at the ballot box just who is responsible for the delays and absolutely shithouse installations. Thing is, to blame Labor’s nine months or so of control of the NBN three years ago for the failures that have occurred in the last 18 months is sheer lunacy, and proves beyond any doubt that this government doesn’t have the slightest fucken clue how to bring this country out of the internet backwater we’re destined to remain in for a long time to come!