More NBN ranting…

The Mal (Turnbull) and Mitch (Fifield) Show may well crap on with their glossy hype over it, but in all truth and honesty the National Broadband Network Project under the Liberal National Party’s control has been nothing short of a monumental fuck up, as public money continues to be wasted on complete and utter junk! With consistent poor quality connections and service disruptions of FTTN deployments throughout large parts of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie NSW – approximately 25,000 customers – and other parts of the country being the order of the day, I’m hoping voters in those regions remember at the ballot box just who is responsible for the delays and absolutely shithouse installations. Thing is, to blame Labor’s nine months or so of control of the NBN three years ago for the failures that have occurred in the last 18 months is sheer lunacy, and proves beyond any doubt that this government doesn’t have the slightest fucken clue how to bring this country out of the internet backwater we’re destined to remain in for a long time to come!


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