Another rant about fucktard extremists

The Australian government over the past ten years or so have let slip into this country an incredibly high number of Islamic extremists and terrorist ‘sleeper agents’. What we have here now in Australia are an ever-increasing number of terrorist sympathisers that have used our nation’s generosity and freedoms to propagate their own evil and despicable plans. Look at those who have gone on to set up money laundering schemes and clandestine operations (eg: the Halal Certification Board) to fund their war against the infidels, while they sit here waiting for some fucktard over in Afghanistan or Iraq to order them to strap bombs to their chests, walk into a local train station and kill people that are merely trying to feed and house their families.

Each and every week we’re seeing more and more people from the Middle East arriving in Australia and demanding we conform it to what they’ve left behind. If the country they were born in has a way of life that’s so fucken great that they want those same rules and regulations here, why don’t they go back to their bombed out dust bowls and leave us alone to enjoy what we’ve built here? Better still, why don’t they come here and change how They live to suit Our rules and lifestyle, just like they’d expect us to do if we moved to Their country? Oh, I know why. Australia offers opportunities that their fucked up part of the world hasn’t got because of their stupidly idiotic ‘religion’. Thing is, something that’s borne from hatred and tyrrany will never stop producing offspring filled with the same belief that its their right to dictate how we all live and what we all believe in.

What we as non-Muslims need to do is wake the fuck up and fight them at their own game! When Floyd Mayweather gets in a boxing ring and some guy’s throwing punches at him, you don’t see him retreating to his corner and merely ‘condemning’ his opponent’s actions. Every time a Muslim person calls any of us ‘racist‘ – there’s that word again, the one that has NOTHING to do with what religion a person believes in – we need to turn the tables and demand they explain Why they believe its their right to kill us for not worshipping both the deity they believe in and the despotic tyrant that called himself a Messenger of God. We need to come up with a name for someone who defends their right to personal choice while so violently and arrogantly removing that same right from others. Oh wait, we’ve already got such a word, and you spell it muslim!

You need to understand that Islam is merely an offshoot of the Christian faith. The Quran is simply a rewriting of the Bible to suit one man’s twisted desire for absolute power and control of the world. If any Muslim denies that truth, then refuses to explain in a sensible way their predication to killing innocent people that don’t believe in ‘their’ God, they’re not only lying to those around them but to themselves. How dare any of them threaten to shoot Me just because I want to choose My religion, using the very same freedoms They have to choose who and what they believe?

Cue the haters, because you’re fucken stupid if you don’t realise that all Islamists want to do is to rule the world. Let me just say this: if I’m walking through a shopping centre and a camel rooting middle eastern piece of shit wants to hijack the joint, scream out “Allahu akbar!” and threaten the lives of me and my family, you can bet your ass I won’t be cowering in a corner hoping that government bureaucrats are on TV ‘condemning’ the actions of whoever-the-fuck wants to deny My freedom!

Wake up to yourselves, muppets! Stand up for your right to freely decide how to live your life and what to believe in. The Islamic extremist believes the things he does so vehemently that he’s willing to take not only his own life but that of innocent bystanders, so why the fuck aren’t You ready to fight for Your rights to walk down the street without fear that someone’s going to kill you just because you don’t want to worship the same version of God that he does?

With thanks to Hairy…


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