An Open Letter to Bill Morrow

This is an open letter to Bill Morrow, the current Commander-in-Chief of the largest fuckup this country has ever seen since James Cook first saw Botany Bay:

I invite you, Mr. Morrow, and anyone else reading this to look at journalist Renai LeMay‘s recent Delimiter article highlighting the most recent failures of yourself and the company entrusted with the future technical direction of an entire continent.

Um, Earth to Bill? Earth to Bill? You asked Labor to provide a “good explanation”?
Well, they’ve got one!

What you’ve created in today’s National Broadband Network, Bill, is an absolute waste of public funds that goes nowhere near providing the economic and social benefits it was intended to. The “good explanation” is simply as follows:

  • Even though the expenditure outlay would be relatively close to, if not fractionally more than what the LNP have wasted since implementing the Multi-Technology Mix in late 2013, the Labor FTTP plan would by now have a greater number of homes and businesses connected to a faster, more reliable and economically efficient network;
  • As of today your ‘rollout’ is running behind the very schedule you yourself announced, due to FTTN brownfields taking up as much (and in many cases more) man-hours and resources to both construct and provision optimised services;
  • Labor certainly wouldn’t have implemented a ‘Jobs For The Boys’ regime in terms of the directorship of NBNCo, where the LNP have put in charge two of Australia’s most despised and ridiculed telco executives to negotiate deals using public money with their former privately owned employers, and
  • Labor wouldn’t have wasted the best part of $20 billion in taxpayer dollars on hardware they would never have needed, such as
  1. Telstra’s copper + HFC,
  2. Alcatel-Lucent DSLAMs,
  3. Optus HFC cables,
  4. electricity to power the node boxes, and
  5. multi-year contracts to repair the dilapidated and unserviceable Telstra/Optus hardware that was purchased sight unseen.

While you were head of Vodafone Australia, customers left you in droves as you installed second-rate hardware which consistently broke down. You then got in touch with the people you believe to be your mates, your former employers Vodafone UK, who themselves told you directly that

  1. they were so fucken glad you’d left,
  2. they were only just now recovering from the shitfight you left behind, and
  3. you were totally braindead to think that a To-Node network was better than that which full fibre to client infrastructure can provide in terms of both economic and real-time quality.

You then went over to America to check out a telco that’s got more subscribers under it’s left toe than the population of Australia, and you called them liars to their faces when they told you the very same thing I.T. experts across the globe have been saying to you and your buddy Malcolm for the last three fucken years:


The FTTN hardware you’ve spread across the land like a cancer was only intended (in Labor’s plan) to cover difficult-to-reach regional areas, where the costs of putting in full fibre was prohibitive and fixed wireless wouldn’t provide a quality service.
As for your mate Ziggy (Switkowski, former CEO of Telstra during one of its worst periods for customer dissatisfation in its history), you fail to mention his direct involvement as CEO of NBNCo. in the deal to hand over (what is now) almost $15 billion to his former privately owned employer for a product he knew full well wasn’t worth pissing on! Do you realise that Telstra and Optus are putting in their pockets the scrap value of the very hardware you’re paying them to replace, After you went and bought them almost a billion dollars worth of new copper and HFC cables to fix their shoddy junk? With that, don’t you fucken dare even mention the word “corruption“!

Need any further “explanation” beyond that, you raving lunatic? Wake up to yourself, Bill, and pray the Australian voting public ignore the stupidity your dickhead Coalition mates have shown over the past three years, because I can bet you any money you like that if Labor win the upcoming election, they’ll boot you out of NBNCo. so fast your head will be spinning for a fucken month!

With Thanks to Hairy…


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