Hung Parliament? Typical fucktard Aussie muppets!

There’s a bit of talk around the traps that we may end up with a ‘hung parliament’ – meaning neither the Coalition or Labor have enough seats to form a majority Government – following the next election. I have to say, if we do end up in that political mess, it will prove to me once and for all just how ignorantly stupid most people in this country are.
Not only Malcolm Turnbull personally but the entire Coalition Caucus have consistently proven over the past three years they have no care or concern for anything except increasing the gap between the rich and poor. Their policy decisions show quite clearly how they’re willing to let our blue collar and primary industries die, our public education and health systems suffer, the wages of the working class stagnate and the cost of living for those who can least afford it increase. In the meantime, Turnbull and his ‘party faithful’ are bending over backwards to protect the exuberance of multinational companies, their corporate buddies and their own delusions of grandeur. Even Blind Freddy should be able to see how misguided and completely fucked in the head these so-called ‘intellectuals’ have become!
Sadly, there’s people that just don’t care about political process, and those who wish to sit idly by and ignore the ravings of a man who can see his grasp on the Prime Ministership he slashed and burned his way into, slipping. The fall of Turnbull will be massive, as his suspect business activities, his ridiculous policy choices come to light. You ignore the signs at both the perils of yourself and the country, because I can honestly say (based on the shitfight of the Howard Years) a vote for the LNP is a vote for more of the same and worse.
Those who choose to waste their vote on a party whose members believe in destroying the very industries this nation was built on should have their right to cast that vote removed immediately. If you wish to sit idly by and watch this country go even further down the toilet under a LNP Government, you’re either too rich to want change or too fucken stupid to realise you’re getting screwed into the ground. Thing is, if Malcolm gets the guernsey you’ll have two groups to blame:
(i) those fucktards who wasted their chance to bring about change, and
(ii) the rich pricks who don’t give a fuck about anything but the size of their own wallets.
With Thanks to Hairy…

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