‘Work For The Dole’ Schemes

The Work For The Dole (WFD) Scheme in its current form needs to be scrapped immediately, as corrupt business practices and a lack of adherence to basic Workplace Health and Safety legislation become the order of the day.  How dare we even suggest that the Federal Government have any concern for the lives of those they consider to be nothing more than dumb dole bludgers?
The LNP have no respect whatsoever for anyone that doesn’t serve their purpose, increase their bank balance or make them look good, so why the hell would they care about a bloke competing with 2500 other applicants holding the same qualifications and experience every time he puts his name down for a job? Why the hell would they care about the guy who had built up those qualifications and experience over a 25+ year career, only to be forced to use them for less than what industry value them at?

For those of us over the age of 40 who are unemployed, our self-worth is lowered the moment we walk into a Centrelink office to effectively beg for assistance, but we certainly don’t need to have both our status rubbed into our faces and our careers completely denigrated by a scheme which does not place the safety of participants as its first priority. More often than not, the people in charge of ‘Whatever‘ project have no experience whatsoever in the industry that project is aligned with. As a result, those (seemingly) ‘in charge’ put at risk the safety and well-being of all participants, by enforcing guidelines generated by a committee that comprises public servants who have never in their lifetime had anything to do with that industry by either participation or association. I’m sure that when you’re operating a 240V hammer drill, or a chainsaw, or a piece of machinery or equipment you’ve never seen before, you’d take as Gospel instructional advice from a pen-pusher that has (since leaving their drug and alcohol fuelled college lives behind) spent the last three years of their working lives sitting at a computer screen playing Solitaire or updating Facebook, and the rest of their time heating up Lite&Easy meals, watching Downton Abbey and reading Jackie Collins novels.

In the meantime, those privately owned companies hired to run the Government’s ‘Job Network’ maintain a corrupt and clandestine ship of bureaucratic greed and profiteering. A recent ABC-TV investigation found that inappropriate payments were being made to individuals and organisations that no longer existed, along with full financial support for WFD projects that weren’t even commenced or completed. Check out the story at:


All of the above adds further weight to those wanting the abolition of Human Services policies and reforms created by the Liberal Party, the Nationals or indeed the Greens and the Democrats. The corruption is rife, the mismanagement is clear to see, the profiteering and selfish greed is off the scale; but most importantly, if these Work For The Dole schemes have zero concern for the health and safety of those left with no choice but to participate, then they must be shut down immediately. Losing one life is simply one too many…

With Thanks to Hairy…


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