Samsung’s Stupid Business Practices

To those at Samsung Australia, I say this:
Stop worrying so much about when Phone Y is getting new firmwares after Phone X gets it. Instead, concentrate on the most important thing: the fact that every single Phone X owner doesn’t get the latest update at the same time!
S6 and S6 Edge owners throughout India have had Marshmallow for their ‘I’ devices since 16th March, and are now receiving a newer firmware version as I type. I know there’s a smaller population than India’s in Australia, but we’re certainly not smaller than many of the other nations that have now been enjoying Marshmallow goodness ON THE VERY SAME DEVICE for over a month!!!!

Samsung have more model variants of their devices than are necessary, which results in delays to firmware updates as the new OS version is adapted to each specific model variant. Instead of releasing one device for all nations, they release the 920F, the 920I, the 920K, the 920L, the 920T, etc. etc. etc. Not only that, there’s approximately 20 different other phone models released at the same time! In the meantime over in Cupertino, Tim Cook says, okay here’s the flagship iPhone 6 that every country in the world will use, here’s an iPhone 6+ thats the same phone but with a bigger screen, here’s a base model iPhone 6C for people that can’t afford the flagships, and when we update the iOS version for those devices, y’all are getting it pushed to your phone for free within 48 hours!
Now Samsung, we know your devices are damn fine, and we know Android OS is damn fine too, but people are going to desert you in droves if you don’t:
(a) understand the philosophy that ‘less is more’,
(b) reduce the ridiculous range of devices you manufacture,
(c) concentrate on the success of two moderately expensive flagships plus no more than three affordable alternatives, and
(d) release your firmware updates without the ridiculous and unjustified delays which owners have had to tolerate for the past three years due to your company spreading itself too thinly across the marketplace.

Surely you’re not that stupid you can’t recognise that having 20+ phone models with no less than 10 ‘regional variants’ for each one makes for a much larger job for you to do upgrading them all?

Here’s the solution, release ONLY the following: Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy Note 6 Edge, and no more than three cheaper and lower spec devices, eg: the Galaxy Y (with Edge variant) and a completely basic handset for users not wanting or able to afford a ‘smartphone’.
Its YOUR phone, and its about time YOU dictated to the network service providers and the world this message: “Here’s our phone, we’ve built it to work on every known telecoms and wi-fi network, but if it doesn’t on yours that’s your fault and you’ll have pissed off potential subscribers jumping ship to a network that Does support it.”
It’s what Steve Jobs said to the world’s telecoms network providers when Apple released the first iPhone, and look at what its done for their company! Don’t you think its about time you did the same, and bring an end to these absolutely ludicrous and totally preventable delays?


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