Here’s what Australia NEEDS, you Pyne In The Ass!

I hate to tell you, Christopher Pyne, but speed, reliability and value for money ARE what I and so many others across our fair nation NEED! What we certainly DON’T NEED is to be languishing at 60th in the world for average internet speed!

Residents on Fibre To The Node NBN networks throughout Belmont, Belmont North and Windale in NSWapproximately 5000 subscribers, at a rough estimate – have signed on to plans offering downloads at up to 100 megabits per second, but since getting the service connected many of those haven’t experienced speeds greater than 70 megabits per second downstream with any consistency. It’s like forking out for Streets Blue Ribbon spearmint choc chip icecream but only tasting Woolworths Homebrand vanilla. I’m sure you’d be jumping up and down if the same were happening to you, Christopher!


Yes, a reliable quality and consistently fast telecoms network is what’s required, as you’ve said, but the fibre-to-node infrastructure that you and your half-assed ripoff merchant oxygen thieves in the LNP have installed definitely DOES NOT provide the stability and consistency of superfast data transfer that today’s information-hungry society demands. Your party’s leader, as the Communications Minister, was told this by information technology experts from around the world back in 2013, but flat out REFUSED TO LISTEN!!! Not only that, it’s cost THE SAME AMOUNT to roll out your crappy network as what a full fibre install would have, with much higher ongoing costs for maintenance and electricity to keep the nodes running. Most notable, however, is the fact that your FTTN deployment HAS NOT reached anywhere near as many residences as Mr. Turnbull promised back in 2013.


The costs to consumers for using the NBN also needs major changes. When both residential and business users in Singapore can buy unlimited data on 1000 megabit per second fibre-to-the-premises connections for as little as AU$49.95 per month, and maintain regular downstream speeds above 900 megabits per second, what makes you think we here in Australia are going to sign on to higher speed tiers when the wholesale customer virtual circuit price on the NBN is AU$150 per month for a 1000 megabits per second service, with no guarantee of speed, reliability or stability of connection?


For confirmation, view the information captured from the NBNCo. Wholesale Broadband Agreement – April 2016.
Also, check out the pricing of one of Singapore’s retail broadband provider’s services here:
With thanks to Hairy…

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