Post-election thoughts, Part One

I’m just going to have a say about the Liberal National Party’s incessant complaints about the Labor Party’s (supposed) ‘scare campaigns’ with respect to the privatisation of Medicare. Here’s something to ponder…

What about the Rural Fire Service fiasco, where the LNP claimed during the election campaign that the Victorian Labor Government under Premier Daniel Andrews were going to wipe away the workplace rights of volunteer fire fighters? How ironic it is that Never in this country’s industrial relations history has there ever been a more blatant disregard for the average worker – volunteer or otherwise – than the Liberal Party’s range of proposals for IR reform known as ‘Work Choices’? Odd how they could call it that, when in all honesty their plans would mean a worker’s unreserved acceptance of the employer’s decisions on conditions of employment such as workplace safety, hours and times of work, wages, penalty rates and job security, with no opportunity for discussion, compromise or mutual agreement. So much for ‘choices’, huh?

The removal of enterprise bargaining in favour of individual payment agreements between employer and employee, leaving people not well-versed in such matters to essentially fend for themselves without the support of a trade union or their fellow workers, was the mainstay of that Work Choices policy. You can be sure as shit sticking to a blanket that if the Lie-beral dildoes (fake pricks) get the chance to govern in their own right, they’ll push for the same changes to industrial relations legislation they’ve wanted for the last 20 years to be ratified. In the meantime, the LNP use rumours that the Victorian state government, led by Labor, intend to reduce and possibly eliminate protections and rights of volunteers within the CFA to directly tarnish the Federal Labor Party’s reputation as a ‘party for the people’!

Simply put, I see the LNP as nothing more than a ruthless pack of self-serving scum. I sincerely hope that, following this election being a complete disaster for them, they do fight among themselves so violently that National Party members move to end the coalition alliance between them and the Liberals. The only reason the Liberals and Nationals formed their Coalition was so they could ‘gang up’ on the Labor Party, after realising they could only win government and control the nation’s purse strings if they (as the LNP) combined the amount of seats they held in the Parliament.

Since the arrival of the First Fleet this country has seen The Establishment doing everything they can to reduce the both the social stature and rights to prosperity of the working class. Until the 50% of voters who didn’t choose the Labor candidate in their electorate wake up to themselves and recognise LNP policies are purely for the benefit of no-one except the upper crust greedy well-to-do, the social divide across our country will continue to grow wider, prosperity for all will remain but a dream, and we will see life for ordinary Australians get tougher as the rich pricks keep cruising down Easy Street.

With Thanks to Hairy, and RIP Martin… 😦


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