Post-election thoughts, Part Two

Now I move on to how the Liberal National Coalition have attempted to brainwash the nation with their, “She’ll be right mate!”, bullshit.

Every independent report about the National Broadband Network, an absolute shambles of a project, indicates how slow the speeds customers are getting, that costs to consumers are far higher than other countries, for infrastructure which is the best money can buy – if the year is 1990. The multi-technology mix of fibre to the node, fixed wireless and satellite broadband was what Telstra wanted John Howard to climb into bed with them and build when he took office. That’s the difference between the two parties right there: one will buy the most cost effective and future proof resources and infrastructure for the nation, while the other doesn’t care what industry experts believe, or if its economically viable, or if its going to cost heaps to fix, or if it breaks down a lot. As long as a few of their business bumchums are making a few coins out of the deal, who gives a fuck if the taxpayer gets the raw end of the stick? Just look at the Joint Strike Fighter.

Since Howard locked us into a contract back in 2002, taxpayers have poured $1.5 billion each and every year since into a black hole that’s provided nothing except a few pages of redacted reports about the progress of the project. We can’t find out where the manufacturer are up to with construction and testing; hell, Lockheed Martin can’t even say when we’ll get our first plane! And, do you really think they’ll be giving us a second thought, when the US Air Force and US Navy are their number one customers? The UK are in it too, so I can’t expect to see one of these aircraft with an Australian Government rego plate on it touching down at Williamtown RAAF Base until at least 2025. By then, not only will it have cost us $30 billion for an aircraft valued at around $300 million each, they’ll be as useless as tits on a bull, especially when so many avionics experts across the world are calling them junk right now.

The LNP have long proven they’re no good with technology and engineering. Problem is, Australian voters have just agreed to them pouring $4 billion each year down another black hole, on submarines we may not see in our ports until at least 2030! All this, while with the other hand they give $4.8 billion to the multinational companies that have been proven to be evading their tax responsibilities, they keep shoving cash into the pockets of privately owned telecoms companies for technology that drops us to 60th in the world for internet speed, and they think they’re the best economic managers?

Go fuck yourself, Turnbull. I’d give anything to meet you or any of your brain dead party members in person, because it would be my pleasure to stand in front of you and call you exactly what you are: a FUCKWIT!

RIP Martin, and Thanks to Hairy…


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