More post election ranting…

It disgusts me that 50% of eligible voters are so ignorant of the world around them, that they vote for their tax dollars to be poured directly into the pockets of privately owned telecoms companies. These funds have gained for Australia outdated (and in many cases unserviceable) infrastructure, which has seen this country drop from 30th to 60th in the world for average internet speed.
What also disgusts me? Journalists who spread false information about how the National Broadband Network actually works. I’m not sure how a technically illiterate voter was ever able to make an informed decision in this election, considering that more often than not false details about the NBN were being smeared across the media landscape.
I am personally sick to death of journalists presenting their politically biased rhetoric at every opportunity, while treating our elected representatives with kid gloves just so they don’t upset the apple cart. The community look to the media as not only a source of correct information, but as a voice to speak to those they normally wouldn’t be able to. Unfortunately for the sake of common sense and normality, there are far too many journalists across the country who
(a) present themselves as completely ignorant of verifiable evidence,
(b) spread false information about what is by far the largest infrastructure project this country has ever seen, and
(c) maintain a job security biased ‘softly-softly’ approach to questioning of those people who have made alarmingly nonsensical decisions which affect the entire nation.
These journos hold a large percentage of blame for why Australia is no longer a great place to live, do business in or even visit. We’re going down the gurgler, yet the journalist voice of the community seems no longer willing to take those we entrust to run the place properly to task, especially when the politicians make blatant errors of judgement and totally ludicrous decisions. It’s because of such incompetent journalism that I’m not expecting to learn from the responsible government ministers anytime soon Why Australians are paying 200% more for electricity and telecoms than the rest of the developed world.
Are you listening, Brent Bultitude? Get stuck into these pollies and business tycoons, put them on the spot, demand answers to the tough questions and stand up for the community who keep you on air, or you’re best to leave the job that you’re increasingly proving yourself to be quite inept at doing.


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