How You’ve Been Screwed by Turnbull & The LNP

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group member Kelly Roxanne asked,
How will any future Government be able to sell it (the NBN) given that it will cost so much?”

I know it’s rude to answer a question with a question, but it’s also My fucken blog, so if you don’t like it, that’s what the Comments section is for!

What’s the difference between a 2015 base model V6 Commodore and a 2015 HSV SS V8? Although you’ve paid a bit more for the luxury and power of the top spec model on the day you drove it from the showroom, in ten years time when you want to sell it you’re more likely to get a good price for it over the six, and you’ll have more potential buyers knocking at your door. If on the other hand you did buy the base model, it will have cost you heaps more over the years to keep it performing at a level similar to both the top spec V8 and other cars having better engineering, plus you’re still going to lose money when you sell it. Now, consider yourself in the market for a fully complete and operational 21st century telecommunications network, including all infrastructure, goodwill, customer base and so forth. Would you want a crappy base model six cylinder designed in the year 1995 that no-one else on the planet is driving anymore, needs $25000 in new parts now, plus a $5000 per year maintenance bill to operate (a.k.a FTTN NBN), or would you rather buy the 2010-designed HSV (a.k.a FTTP NBN)? Although it’s a fair few grand more than the Liberal National Party’s V6 that they’ll let go for whatever they can get for it, the HSV’s got more power, better fuel economy, nothing needed to repair and no ongoing extraordinary operating costs.

At the recent election, voters simply did not take any notice of how much public money had been directed into corporate pockets by way of the NBN farce. The best part of $15 billion has been funneled into Telstra and Optus shareholder accounts – with more to go by way of repair and maintenance contracts – due to the way the Multi-Technology Mix project was structured by Turnbull. He knew that a full Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) owned and run by the government would see his corporate buddies lose market share (read: cash), so he devised a telecoms system which would utilise privately owned infrastructure, then wrongfully declared that his all-new plans would deliver faster internet to all Australians sooner, and not cost anywhere near the same as Labor’s Fibre To The Premises GPON vision. Unfortunately for so many Australians who are now stuck with Fibre To The Node 25 megabits down / 5 megabits up junk, Turnbull was only ever wanting to keep his corporate mates living in the manner to which they’d become accustomed. What better way to guarantee your spot in the top office, and a great private sector job once the public votes you out, than to give your private enterprise buddies such an incredibly devious, ridiculously cheap but perfectly legal way to drink the public treasury dry? If you don’t agree with what I’m saying there, then please explain to me and the readers why someone who calls himself “The Father of Australian Internet” – someone who waxed lyrical for over three years about The Innovation Nation – would choose outdated networking technologies (which the rest of the western world were dismantling) in favour of the most up-to-date future-proof and higher quality full fibre-to-client systems? In early 2013, when Turnbull announced his FTTN/MTM plans, communications and technology experts from all over the world screamed their disapproval, but yet he went ahead. He then somehow sold the dumb fuckwit Abbott on the idea, and now you’re stuck with it. To those on FTTN, and those slated to receive it sometime in the next five years, I say this…


IT experts and engineering project managers from across the country recently concluded that, had the Labor NBN plan not been stymied and effectively fucked off in favour of the Massive Turnbull Mess, the taxpayer funds spent on
(a) restructuring the contracts that the LNP were able to following the 2013 election,
(b) buying the dilapidated copper and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial hardware from private telco operators,
(c) buying outdated and redundant Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer hardware at higher prices than what is required to build a GPON,
(d) payments to private telcos to rebuild and maintain the unseviceable hardware purchased by NBNCo.,
(e) operating the FTTN hardware (ie., electricity from privatised ulilities providers)
would see approximately 75% of those premises passed by NBN FTTN services today have a full GPON at their doorstep instead. Turnbull knew that if the landscape were such, his best mate Rupert Murdoch would no longer hold the monopoly on telecoms. With Rupert having none of that, the rest (as they say) is history. It’s also the reason why I don’t call Turnbull stupid. Sadly only Royal Commissions into both the finance sector and the National Broadband Network Project will highlight just how cunningly clever the lying sack of shit Malcolm Bligh Turnbull really is!
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Another rant about the NBN

The costs to Australian consumers on the NBN is higher than other western world countries because the dickheads running NBNCo. (under the direct control of Turnbull and the LNP) have set up a pricing model that intends to charge taxpayers TWICE AGAIN for something they’ve already paid for. It’s actually Federal Treasury (read:taxpayer) funds which are covering the costs of construction of the NBN; in other words, YOUR money!

Let’s say you’ve just bought a block of land in a new housing estate. If you want NBN fibre to your home, you have to pay the estate developer for that fibre cable to be laid on your block, ready to connect. Once the house is built, you pay NBNCo. to install the network termination device. Then you’re expected to pay twice what other countries are paying for a service that’s one tenth the speed they’re getting?

In layman’s terms, the assholes in the LiberalNational Party are making you cover the costs of building a Holden factory, then when you want to own your own Commodore you pay an entrance fee to walk in the showroom, where you hand over a delivery fee for a base model Evoke 3L V6 which then costs you twice as much per month to run as people in Singapore are paying for a SS Black 6.2L V8. What’s even worse? The factory you’re paying the Government to build is the exact same one other countries are knocking down right now, just so they can build better cars faster and cheaper in a more modern facility!

Here’s another set of facts for you. Fibre To The Premises is better than Fibre To The Node, simply because:
(a) FTTP provides much higher data transfer speeds than any form of copper infrastructure can achieve,
(b) FTTP does not need electrical energy at each distribution hub whereas a FTTN node box needs its own electricity supply,
(c) FTTN can be severely affected by weather and network congestion while FTTP is not,
(d) future upgrade costs of FTTP are nowhere near as high as upgrading FTTN to a full fibre-to-client network, and
(e) it actually takes less physical and technical expertise to run a fibre cable from a distribution hub down every street and connect each home than it does to replace the dilapidated copper pairs and connect each of them to a brand new node box.

Australia’s two largest privately owned multinational telecoms companies, Telstra and Optus, are making billions from selling their 30+ year old copper junk and 20+ year old Hybrid Fibre Coaxial cables to us taxpayers, which includes payments for repairs to and replacement of any cables found to be not fit for service. You’ve already paid for the copper and HFC that’s in the ground, then Optus/Telstra demand you pay them again to replace those cables if they’re no good? Fool is you if you think that’s smart use of what is essentially Your money!

When construction of the FTTN network throughout Belmont NSW and surrounding suburbs commenced over two years ago, well over 50% of the existing Telstra copper in the ground was replaced before the network was deemed able to support speeds of up to 100mbps over FTTN, at an additional cost just shy of $1.5 million BEFORE THE NETWORK WAS EVEN READY FOR SERVICE! The thing is, what went wrong with the rollout there isn’t just a single occurrence; it’s happening in almost every older ‘brownfield’ in Australia where FTTN is being installed! The question is, how could anyone with even a modicum of common sense suggest that the service which FTTN is currently providing to the average customer in those suburbs that have it is good value for money?

Infotech experts across the country believe that, had the money spent on the LNP’s ‘Multi-Technology Mix‘ since the project began been used to follow a streamlined version of Labor‘s original FTTP network design, the number of premises passed by FTTP would be very close to that which currently have FTTN NBN services, along with a dramatic decrease in the numbers of people complaining about the piss-poor quality services provided over their FTTN connection. Add to that, if the (average) AU$100 per month residential customers are now paying for unlimited data at an inconsistent 100mbps bought them the same unlimited data but at a stable 1000mbps over FTTP, with prices for lower speed tiers exponentially reducing from $100 down to $24.95 for a 50mbps service, Australia wouldn’t have a telecoms network that’s ranked 60th in the world!

Imagine this pricing structure (charged per month), that the government would set as a maximum retail price for each and every connection to the NBN:
$99.95 = unlimited data @ 1000mbps down 400mbps up + free untimed VOIP calls to local & national landlines + 10c per minute calls to Australian mobile phones;
$74.95 = unlimited data @ 500mbps down 200mbps up + free untimed VOIP calls to local & national landlines + 15c per minute calls to Australian mobile phones;
$49.95 = unlimited data @ 100mbps down 40mbps up + free untimed VOIP calls to local & national landlines + 20c per minute calls to Australian mobile phones;
$24.95 = unlimited data @ 50mbps down 20mbps up + free untimed VOIP calls to local & national landlines + 20c per minute calls to Australian mobile phones.

Of course if fucktard telcos like Turdstra and Craptus wanted to ‘bundle’ in extras – such as quota capped access to Stan/Presto/Netflix/Foxtel TV – then they’d be able to, but those four price and speed tiers would be locked in place as the basic building blocks of whatever plans each individual RSP could offer any residential customer wishing to connect to the NBN. Business owners would be charged a premium of no greater than $50 per month on any of those four tiers, but for that extra cost receive symmetrical transfer (ie. upload speed = download speed).

Hopefully that gives you a much better insight into how fucken stupid the dickheads in Canberra are when it comes to the largest infrastructure project in our country’s history, and just how much of a complete fucken JOKE the NBN has become under the control of the Federal Coalition. In all honesty, I believe they’re a bunch of raving lunatics!

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