More LNP Government Screwups!

Stories like those of Senator Bob Day are typical of any level of government that’s being led by self-centred morons. They make exuberant promises, which they have no intention of keeping, just to reach and maintain their positions of power. They move mountains to bring their mates along for the free ride, bend over backwards to save the jobs of their supporters no matter how massive the screwup, whilst abusing and ripping off the public purse at every opportunity. The political arena is without a doubt the largest money laundering scheme on earth, and it will continue unabated unless we all wake up to ourselves, unite as a determined force and wipe our halls of democracy clean of the scum that’s infested them for far too long.

The so-called ‘decision makers’, ie. muppets like George Brandis, Nigel Hadgkiss, Michaelia Cash, Matthias Cormann, Alan Tudge, Barnaby Joyce, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull, even Tony Abbott, all need to be shown the door immediately, never to return. Their clearly out of touch reasoning and fundamentally corrupt managerial styles have already screwed this country into the ground far enough.

Throughout history, the world has seen dictatorial, unscrupulous and inept political leaders – men and women who have proven to be as on the nose with their citizens as our politicians here in Australia are these days – driven from office by civil uprisings and public overthrow of entire governments. We need intelligence, logical thought and common sense running the place, not the deceitful pack of space cadets and raving lunatics we’ve got right now. Voters everywhere also need to start taking more notice of how governments work, and learning just what each political party truly stands for, before walking up to the ballot box and blindly scratching a few marks on a sheet of paper. It’s either that, or we all get to endure the shitfight which comes right after self-absorbed charlatans are handed an endless supply of money and the dictatorial powers to go with it.

Australia is stagnating, just like it was during the Menzies years. Back then we had
– a PM who cared more for making his mates rich while the working class footed the bill,
– a PM with a holier-than-thou approach to curtailing growth and technical advancement while the world sped off into the future,
– an immigration policy that treated anyone who turned up on our shores with more respect and favour than those who had been here for generations,
– a government hell bent on wasting every cent they could borrow on useless junk, and
– a government which was rorting the system from within to boost their own personal fortunes.

Sadly, the community around us are still that same uneducated, selfish and ignorant lot who allow the bureaucrat bastards to run rampant, simply because the majority of us don’t believe what the government are doing to the country is wrong. That’s subservience in a bottle right there! How else can you explain the utter stupidity of voters that returned to power a corrupt tyrant business tycoon who consistently proved his interests were insolent, self-absorbed and completely out of touch with reality? Letting a proven liar take control of a slowing economy right after he told the nation that, if elected, he would give $4.8 billion a year to the top 1% of Australian and multinational companies while increasing the costs of living for those of us already struggling to make ends meet, defies logic.

Liberal and National Party supporters nationwide ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing the dismantling of the very fabric of our nation to continue unabated. Australia is a clusterfuck, with the blame laying squarely on the shoulders of the LNP and their bumchums, but unless we gather in numbers to get in the faces of these fucktards and demand they change things for the better, we’re always going to be nothing more than flies swatted away from their picnic.

Rant over, for now… ;-(

With thanks to Hairy…


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